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We are pleased to guide you through this fascinating world of wine, to discover the unique characteristics of terroirs and explore the finest wines from diverse perspectives. We will always be committed to understand your needs and preferences, with our internationally recognized qualifications (WSET) and experience, in search of the ONE wine to complete your poetry of life. Regardless of how much you know about wine, we seek to maintain a cordial and professional manner to bring you surprises and satisfactions with our wines.

We have established extensive client networks both in Greater China and Hong Kong, including individual wine lovers, wine dealers, wine education providers, exquisite restaurants and hotels. We will help you to select and prepare the most suitable wines for festivals, friends & family gifting, party drinking and daily consumption, to let you revel in every unforgettable moment.

After receiving your wine orders, we will carefully manage every single procedure of storage and distribution. With our multiple steps of certification and inspection, we promise to deliver the most authentic and high-quality wines to you. In addition to wine sales service, we offer a great variety of teaching and consulting services for wines. By hosting wine tasting sessions, private parties or wine courses, we hope to share more detailed knowledge of wines, such as maturation period, timing of wine decanting and food pairing, and allow you to enjoy an elegant life of wine.