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In 1944, Mr. Kikuchi, founder of the creation of landscape electrical plant (private), and the production of transformers

In 1947, the establishment of landscape electrical appliances Co., Ltd., the registered capital of 180 thousand yen

In 1954, the production of high fidelity power amplifier

1959 launch of Japan's first "stereo" front

1961 two listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange

1964 to create the first receiver SAX-200, SAX-100

1965 - produced the world's first black front panel AV-111

1966 "Komiko" grid power amplifier SP-200, SP-100 in the United States to set up a landscape Electronics Co., Ltd.

1967 - produced the world's first silicon tube before AV-777

1969 share capital increased to 1 billion 200 million yen

1970 QS 4 channel amplifier QS-1 shares listed on the Tokyo and Osaka Stock Exchange

In 1974, Mr. KIKOSHI, the founder of Mr.

1976 launch of the 07 series AV-707 AV-607

"New technology" Diamond separation circuit"

1980 in Germany, the establishment of landscape Electronics Co., Ltd.

1981 launch of the new technology super FF circuit"

Alfa X- balancing circuit"

In 1987, the introduction of new brand modeling, establish a new logo, the establishment of a new image of the company

1989 signed a joint venture agreement with PPTPLC

In 1990 began producing television card recorder, "Capeeronic" series from PPT

1991 production of "club landscape series" Hi Fi Mini desktop audio

1992 sale of all shares of the "Capetionic"

1993 semiconductor technology (global) Co., Ltd. from PPI to obtain shares for the service of the international market in Hongkong set up a landscape International Limited

In December 1994, China's Shenzhen landscape plant operations, began producing the "Alfa series" Top Mini desktop audio

In July 1995 the headquarters moved to Tokyo, held 50 anniversary celebration

In 1998 the headquarters of the landscape and the Hongkong International Marketing Department moved to Shin-Yokohama

1999 holding Grande holding landscape and AKAI

In 2000 the company established Naks group, and in more than and 80 countries around the world to set up

Branch and R & D center, the global sales point has more than 4000

2001 through joint ventures, landscape audio and other products of several series of products to the Chinese market

In 2002, the initial establishment of landscape (China) mainland sales network

2003 Japanese landscape Electrical Co., Ltd. officially established in China in the Chinese landscape Electronics (China) Co., Ltd., marks the official beginning of the full range of products to enter the Chinese market

2004 landscape brand in China held 60 anniversary celebration, the successful signing of Mr. Louis Koo as the brand image endorsement. Landscape (Chinese) Co. Ltd. electronic investment 16 billion Hong Kong dollars, the establishment of the world's largest 46 inch PDP R & D and production base in Shenzhen, Zhongshan and Xiamen, and strive to make the landscape in the sales outlets increased to 10000, the landscape has become the largest operator of an electron