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Landscape (Chinese) electronic limited company has a complete set of quality assurance system, efficient and unified, now owns six Division, respectively "landscape TV division", "landscape multimedia division", "landscape entertainment division", "landscape digital products division", "landscape Electrical Division of life", "landscape kitchen division". Each division in the unified macro guidance and management headquarters of the independent operation, do the specialized production quality, make more professional.

(1) color TV business unit

Landscape color TV business department, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R & D film and television products. The company has a large number of high-quality R & D personnel, has many years of rich experience in the development of film and television products. The landscape TV Division established in the high solid content of science and technology, excellent product quality and perfect customer service service based on the "brand strategy", this concept has always been in the company's development, production and management work of the system, taking sustainable development as the basic criterion, with high quality, excellent products and services superior cost-effective products to meet customers, service to society. We combine the latest scientific and technological achievements and practical technology, suitable for all kinds of people to create consumer products, let users satisfactory landscape TV products. We praise the rigorous, pragmatic style and good working attitude, keep an open and cooperative spirit in the independent development of core technology, talent is the first resource, "integrity, unity, dedication and innovation", and strive to create the highest level in the field of film and television.

(2) the Department of landscape and multimedia

Design, development, production and sales of landscape multimedia series products. A variety of products in a number of international electronic exposition received a large number of large orders. From Japan, the introduction of the original multimedia production line to ensure that the quality of its products reached the international leading level. Business will be "Forever innovation, the pursuit of excellence" as the business philosophy, through the ISO9001; 2000 quality management system certification. All products have received UL, CE certification, the Division also conducted a large number of European and American famous brand OEM/ODM work, the company will focus on the depth of cooperation with domestic and foreign well-known enterprises and retailers.

(3) the landscape Entertainment Electronics Division

Landscape entertainment electronics division, is a collection of digital audio-visual products, information appliances as one of the high-tech enterprises. To maintain a close strategic alliance with MTK, ESS, long SONY, PHILIPS, SAMSUNG, SANYO, Howard, Matsushita and other international well-known enterprises. The company's existing staff of more than a thousand people, the main products have the projector, and a tablet computer, Bluetooth headset, DVD and other products. Has a modern production base, the company strictly implement the ISO9001 quality system standards, to carry out a full range of quality management.

(4) landscape digital products business unit

Digital landscape division set digital audio-visual products, information appliances R & D and sales, formed a close strategic partnership with many famous international research and development company, follow the trend of the world's advanced digital technology, the optimization technology combination, conversion to adapt to market demand products.

Relying on a strong parent company in the international electronics industry technology advantage, international market position and excellent brand, the development of the company are widespread and rapid growth, the company production of MP4, MP5 and other digital products, both in the technical, functional, and appearance design and quality have a world-class the grade of products. The landscape digital products in the Chinese market has become the focus of attention of consumers and the best products.

(5) the Department of landscape living electrical appliances

Landscape of small household electrical appliances division, its promotion agency is located in Jiangmen City, located in the commercial center of the Cosco Tower, is responsible for the landscape of small household electrical appliances series products in China's marketing and sales. Small household electrical appliances include: Life series of small household appliances, small household appliances and other products, has been listed on the products are: induction cooker, electric pressure cooker, rice cooker, soya bean milk machine, juice machine, electric kettle, etc.. In the "quality of casting brand, guidelines and management services to win customers", small home appliances division with its advanced electrical technology, interior design and novel appearance, sophisticated and diverse functions, adhere to the professional, rigorous, meticulous spirit, as China consumers create a high quality of life of small household electrical appliances.

(6) landscape kitchen division

Landscape kitchen division is located in Foshan city Shunde District Xingtan Industrial Zone, is mainly based on research and development, production and sales of kitchen appliances, bathroom products, has a modern, large-scale production lines, high-quality technical staff, fine welding marketing team. Adhering to the landscape sixty-nine years of accumulated technology, advanced science and technology closely follow the world trend, landscape kitchen division dedicated to the broad masses of consumers to create the perfect kitchen and bathroom products; and in its good taste, high quality products and thoughtful customer service, perfect the connotation, is in Chinese service market.

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