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First class talent is the foundation of building a first-class enterprise.

Landscape think: only to create a good environment for the use of talent, in order to make every person has the ability to cause the heart of the people in the construction of the landscape to play their own ability to achieve self ambition. Therefore, the landscape highly respect people dedicated, fair competition, respect for knowledge and talent of the atmosphere, and is committed to building the "innovation project" talents, to the middle-level backbone personnel, the implementation of manufacturing, R & D, sales cycle of rotation, the implementation of "internal competition" system for middle managers, for the implementation of internal promotion, grass-roots management in preference, and through continuous improvement of assessment, incentive mechanism, to ensure high-quality personnel can push the company into the fast track of sustainable development.

Landscape firmly believe that: there is no talent to stay, the key lies in the understanding of the value of the enterprise. To this end, for the senior professional technical or management personnel, the landscape in terms of remuneration, treatment, work environment, etc. are given policy tilt. Such as the establishment of annual salary and high technology jobs, the young cadres promotion to positions of leadership or appointment of senior titles.

The landscape is deep and clear: the quality of talents lies in the early stage and the later stage. The landscape also regularly send key staff to go out to visit, or to the University of professional education, to improve the quality of the middle-level managers of occupation.

"If the landscape of the sixty years to do something, that is, we have successfully built up a constantly changing stage. Sixty years of landscape, the unique talent strategy has created a number of stars, the landscape also firmly believe that there will be more and more stars in the rise here.

Look forward to your excellent landscape can jump on the stage to show their talents!

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